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Baldur’s Gate – People, Places, and Shops released!

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I have released a new product! It’s another entry in my RPG locations series, this time focused on the city of Baldur’s Gate. Pick it up from to seamlessly add depth to your adventures through The Gate.

In celebration, here’s a free bonus location.

Ironshell Provisions

Lower City

As you walk down a residential street, your eye is caught by a curious sight. A dozen suits of armor, and racks of weapons, are propped up in the middle of a narrow townhouse’s front stoop.

A hastily scrawled wooden board is propped against the fence, with “Ironshell Provisions” written upon it.

Ammenia Kiln (CG human commoner) has decided to finally seize her dream of opening a store catering to Adventurers, of the sort she hears tales about at the local festhall. She’s jumped in with both feet, and decided to start selling armor and weapons out of her small front yard. She enthusiastically greets anyone walking down the street, to the frustration and amusement of many neighbors, extolling the virtue of her equipment.

Love’s Fickle Arrow – released on DMSGuild

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Someone wants Landon Rigolo dead, and they have a poetic plan for vengeance. Thwart a theatrical assassination in the City of Splendors.

Your adventurers are tasked with protecting the bard Landon Rigolo from harm while working to apprehend a would-be assassin and their patron. Love’s Fickle Arrow can be run as part of Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, or adapted for campaigns set in another urban setting.

A Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition adventure for Tier 1 (1st – 4th level) characters. Buy it on DMsGuild.

* Note: This adventure includes spoilers for Waterdeep: Dragon Heist


  • 32 page full color PDF
  • Printer Friendly PDF
  • Full-size maps ready for printing or your virtual tabletop of choice
  • Extensive notes for customizing the adventure to your campaign and players. Including ways to tie into any of the plots from Waterdeep: Dragon Heist.

As a free bonus, you can download the full color maps of the Lightsinger Theater right here. Map assets by, used with permission.

Cover includes “ep28 : The Festivities” by “David Revoy,”, used under CC BY / cropped from original.

Waterdeep: People, Places, and Shops – Volume 2 released

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I’ve just released a new product! It’s another entry in my RPG locations series, providing further depth for any game set in the City of Splendors.

In celebration, here’s a free bonus location.

The Steadfast Sturgeon

Dock Ward – Tavern and Inn

The doors of the nearby tavern are thrown open to the thoroughfare. Through the open portal you can hear the booming voice of the bartender, narrating some adventure or other to his audience.

“So there we were, cornered on the top deck as the Sea Devils stalked forward.”

The Sturgeon (as she is more colloquially known) is a three story row house that has been converted into a very traditional inn and tavern. The proprietor, Arthur Cobbleston, lives on the top floor having divided the second floor into rooms for rent and the main floor into a cozy taproom and restaurant.

Arthur was once first mate on a ship that sailed all throughout the Moonshae’s and Sword Coast. He collected many trinkets and oddities throughout his journeys, and enjoys sharing stories with anyone who will listen.

Arthur hasn’t been telling the full story of his tales. Turns out he was actually mate on a Pirate Ship, known for bloody raids throughout the Isles of the Moonshae. Several of his old shipmates have recently appearing in Waterdeep, and are hiding out in the Sturgeon, with threats of exposing Arthur’s history. Things are complicated when an agent of King Derid from Caer Callidyrr shows up in Waterdeep, hunting for one of the relics Arthur and his shipmates stole from the King’s Niece.